How can instructors customize their Gradebook display?

Gradebook offers the following options for instructors to customize how it displays for them:

  • Filtering the list of students
  • Ordering the list of students by first or last name,
  • Show/hide course grade points
  • Grouping or ungrouping items by category (in a gradebook with categories)
  • Show/hide gradebook items
  • Reordering items
  • Sorting by a gradebook column

Note: These display changes do not affect the student view of Gradebook.  For information about the student view, see How do students view their grades in the Gradebook?

Go to Gradebook.

Select the Gradebook tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

Filtering the list of students.

The Gradebook allows you to filter the student list by section/group or by searching for all or part of a student's name.

Filter by section/group.

Select the desired section or group from the drop-down menu at the top to view only that section/group.

Filter by search criteria.

Enter part or all of a student's name to display only matching results in the list. The dynamic, wildcard-friendly search will update as you type.

Notice the fixed student information and course grade columns.

When you scroll sideways to view additional columns on the right, the left-most columns containing student information and course grades remain frozen.

Order students by First Name.

The default display for student names is Last Name First Name. However, if you prefer to view students listed as First Name Last Name, click the down arrow in the Students column and select Order By First Name.

Order students by Last Name.

If students are currently display in First Name Last Name order, you may revert to the Last Name First Name order by clicking the down arrow in the Students column and selecting Order By Last Name.

Show/hide course grade points.

If you would like to display course points, select the down arrow in the Course Grade column and choose Show Points.

Note: This option is not available if Categories and Weighting is selected.

Points will display.

Tip: If points are already displayed and you would like to hide them, select the down arrow in the Course Grade column and choose Hide Points.

Group/UnGroup by Category.

If you have categories in your Gradebook, you may select/deselect the box next to Group by Category to display or hide the category groupings in your view of the Gradebook.

Show/Hide items.

  1. Click View Columns to select which items you want displayed in your current view of the Gradebook.
  2. Click on the colored square next to each item to toggle on/off the display of that item. This may be done for an individual item or for an entire category at a time. Shaded items are visible. Unshaded items are hidden. Categories that are half shaded and half unshaded indicate that only some of the items within that category are hidden.
  3. If you want to hide everything except the one item you are currently grading, click on the down arrow next to the item and select Show only this item.
  4. To Show All or Hide All items, click on the appropriate link at the top of the menu.
  5. Hidden items are indicated by two arrows in place of the item. Click on the arrows to show the item.

Note: Show/Hide Items DOES NOT control which items are or are not released to students. It only controls the columns displayed in the instructor view of the tool.

Drag and Drop to reorder columns.

You may drag and drop to reorder columns.

Note: When viewing items grouped by category, you can only reorder columns within a category. To reorder categories, you need to go to Gradebook > Settings > Categories and Weighting.

Sorting by a gradebook column.

To sort the list by grade for specific grade item, click on the title of the item. Click again on the same item title to reverse the sort order.

Note: When you are sorting by an item, a directional arrow will display. The direction of the arrow indicates if you are sorting in ascending or descending order.