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What information is displayed on the Site Dashboard?

The Site Dashboard shows information in the current site only.

Go to the Dashboard tool.

Note: The Dashboard tool may be the first item in the Tool Menu, in which case it will display upon first entering the site, without having to select it.

The Site Dashboard contains the following:

  1. A Site Information area which includes the course title, a course image, and the course description.
  2. An Edit Dashboard button which allows the user to customize the layout of the page and add or remove widgets. (Note: You must be the owner of a site in order to have edit permissions for the site Dashboard. Students/participants in a site do not see the Edit Dashboard button.)
  3. An Announcements widget which displays recent announcements in the current site.
  4. A Forums widget which displays new Messages and Forums in the current site.
  5. A Grades widget which displays grade averages for assignments in the current site.  (Note: This widget is intended primarily for instructors.)
  6. A Calendar widget which displays calendar events in the current site.