How do I create a new Lessons page?

Click on the Lessons page title in the Tool Menu.

If you named your page something other than Lessons, select the title of the page as it appears in your Tool Menu.

Retitle page. (Optional)

To retitle the Lessons Page, click on the Settings icon (i.e. gear icon).

Enter a new title and click Save.

Add a new page title. (This title will appear in the Tool Menu). Then click Save.

Add More Pages. (Optional)

On an existing Lessons page, you may also add more top-level pages (i.e. pages which display in the site Tool Menu) by selecting the Add More Pages option from the More Tools drop-down menu.

Enter a title and Save.

Notice that you also have the option to add several pages at once by indicating the Number of pages desired below the title. The number of each new page will replace the number in the title provided.

You also have the option to Make new pages copies of the current page by checking the box provided.