What are Conversations settings?

Instructors can go to Conversations and then select the Settings option in the upper-right hand corner; a gear icon accompanies the text, which is next to the Create new topic button. Instructors can customize the following aspects of Conversations. 

  • Allow Reactions
  • Allow Upvoting (indicating that this is a good question or answer)
  • Allow Anonymous Posting
  • Allow Bookmarking
  • Allow Pinning
  • Stop students from posting  on this site
  • Enable Community Guidelines

You’ll see options for turning several features on or off. By default, most things will be on. Any setting changes you make will take place as soon as you click on the on|off button. If you wish to change it back, just click again. 

You will also be able to revise your Community Guidelines at the bottom of the settings page. Select on  to enable Community Guidelines if you wish to use them, or select off to turn them off entirely. Select edit guidelines to bring up an edit box where you can adjust the guidelines to your liking.