How do guests create an account?

You can provide guest access to your course to someone without a NetID. First, the guest will need to set up a OneLink account. 

Duke OneLink is a  login service that allows people to use an existing online account (Google, AOL, Yahoo!, FaceBook or LinkedIn) to access Duke websites without needing to create new accounts or passwords. If they don’t have any of those accounts or don’t want to link them to Duke, they can also create a OneLink ID account that will provide them with a username and password to access Duke sites. 

People can register for OneLink here.

Once the guest has a OneLink account, direct them to the Sakai website

After going to the Sakai website, they will see a yellow box in the upper right-hand corner that says "Login to Sakai." Clicking on that box will bring up the OneLink interface. They can fill in the information they set up during the OneLink registration process and sign into Sakai.