How do my Library E-reserves work in Sakai?

About Library E-reserves

Documents placed on Perkins E-reserves  are automatically linked to Sakai. The link appears as one of the course  navigational items, in the course menu on the left side of your Sakai  site.

The first step in this process is to submit your reserves to the library in the usual way (visit the General Instructions for instructors to place items on reserve).  Reserves will be processed as usual and will appear on the library  reserves site. Within two business days after the reserves become  available, a link to them will appear in Sakai.

If you prefer, you can ask your librarians assistant more info is at here.

E-reserves, Duke

If you submitted your reserves over a week ago and havent been  contacted by Library or Sakai staff, or dont see a link to your  reserves in Sakai, please first contact the Library reserves staff to  verify that they have been processed. The Library staff will resolve the  problem or will direct you to the OIT Service Desk for resolution  (919-684-2200).