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How do I add participants to my course site with multiple rosters?

Student enrollment for registered courses is handled automatically through integration with DukeHub. However, site owners can add other participants such as TAs, Designers, etc., to their multiple-roster course site using Kits.  Kits allows you to add participants to your course or project site who are not in an official course roster. This includes people with a Duke NetID and visitors.

Go to Site Info.

Site Info tool highlighted in the site Tool Menu.

Select the Site Info tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

Click Add Participants.

Add Participants tab highlighted in Site Info tabs.

Click Add Participants from Site Info tabs.

You will be prompted to edit your course participants in Kits.  Click the text "Go to Kits to edit membership for this course".

Once in Kits, you have two options to add new site participants.

Add a participant (both Duke and non-Duke)

To add a participant to your site, click the Edit Mode button then search for them by name using either the firstname and lastname, NetID, or email address under Add New Members.

Use the drop-down menu to choose the role of the user in your site, and to choose a linked kit (roster) in which to add the user.  Any roster selected from the drop-down menu will add the user to the main participant list in your Sakai course site.

TIP: The visitor role is mainly read-only access and is usually the most appropriate when inviting a guest to join your site. The instructor may fine-tune the permission settings in most tools.

Once you’ve found the user and chosen a role and roster for them, click the Add button.  When you are finished adding all users, click the Done button.  If you are finished adding all users to the site, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Finish button.

Batch add users

If you have a large number of participants to add who will all be assigned the same role, you can use batch add. Type the NetIDs one per line. Select a role and roster and click Add then click the Done button.

Once you have added new participants in Kits, you should see their names and roles listed under Manage Participants in Sakai. Participants who were imported from the course roster (from the official Student Information System, aka SIS) will also appear here and have Sakai role names (like instructor or student).

Confirm addition of participants.

Review the list of site participants and their roles to confirm that they will be added to your site.

If the information is correct, click the Finish button.