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How do I submit my final grades to DukeHub from Sakai?

Faculty can now transfer final grades from the Sakai Gradebook directly to the Grade Roster in DukeHub. 

  1. Log into Sakai and navigate to your course site.
  2. Click the Gradebook tool in the left sidebar. If the tool is not there, add it under the Manage Tools tab in Site Info.
  3. Click Settings and review the grading schema. This ensures Sakai calculates final grades the way you expect it to.
  4. After your final grades are set in Sakai, go to DukeHub Faculty Center.

All the control to transfer grades takes place on a single page in DukeHub.

  1. In DukeHub, you will find a new tab called - Sakai Connect.
  2. On the Sakai Connect tab - select the Get Sakai ID icon to locate your class in Sakai.
  3. Once you have a Sakai ID, select Transfer Grades icon.
  4. Review the transferred in your grades in your grade roster.
  5. Submit the roster.

After your grades are transferred, the process to submit grades is the same.  Verify that you have entered all the grades for the class (this is important if an invalid grade was entered).  Save the roster for later or submit for grade posting. 

Below are errors you may encounter:

  • Sakai site does not exist - an error message will appear (if you believe your course does exist in Sakai, please try again)
  • Multiple Sakai Sites exist - a message box will appear and request you pick the site containing the grades
  • Cross-listed classes - you only need to select Get Sakai ID for one cross-listed section, the others will fill in
  • No grades found - a message will appear if no grades are found on that Sakai site
  • An invalid grade was entered - a message will appear indicating a missing grade (e.g., this may be a S/U grade, if an ABC grade was expected)
  • An invalid student - a message will appear if the NetID in Sakai does not match a student on the DukeHub Grade Roster
  • A student not on the roster - only grades for students on the official roster will import
    If you encounter an error not in the list above, please try the action a second time before reporting the error.

Please send any unexplained errors (and any other feedback about the process) through the Feedback button at the bottom of the page on DukeHub.