How do I use Panopto with Sakai?

Please note: The Panopto tool in Sakai cannot be used for scheduled and automated classroom recordings. It also cannot be used with recordings located at department-specific Panopto websites. If these conditions apply to your teaching situation, please use the "Adding classroom recordings or department-recorded Panopto content to Sakai"  guide below.

If you have used Panopto in Summer 2020 or before, you may wish to contact your local site administrator to have them set up your Fall 2020 course folders.

However, if you are new to Panopto, please use the "How to: Use Panopto to record and share video within your Duke Sakai site" guide below.

How to: Use Panopto to record and share video within your Duke Sakai site

  1. Navigate to the Duke Sakai site you wish to record your videos into.
  2. In Site Info > Manage Tools, select the Panopto tool. Select Continue, then Finish to confirm your tool selection. The Panopto tool now appears in your site's tool list. 
  3. Select the Panopto tool from your tool list.
  4. Select Create to start using Panopto. From this menu you can record videos into a Panopto session, create a new playlist, or upload media to a Panopto session using existing audio and video.

Please note: The folder associated with your Sakai site will be created at the Learning Innovation Panopto site. Make sure to type when prompted for a “server” while signing into the Panopto apps for Mac, PC, Android and iOS. You can also access your Sakai-associated Panopto folder by navigating to in your web browser.

For more information on how to use Panopto at Duke, check out Duke OIT: Panopto.

Adding classroom recordings or department-recorded Panopto content to Sakai

If you have automated classroom recordings or other department-recorded content you wish to include in Sakai (sites such as trinity, divinity or law capture) you can copy and paste hyperlinks to your individual recordings. You can also link to a folder which contains your recordings.

In Site Info > Manage Tools, add the Web Content tool, and enter your recording or folder URL. Or, place these hyperlinks in other locations where students expect to find important course content – such as Resources, Lessons, and Announcements.

If you have additional questions, please reach out to your Duke Panopto Site Administrator for assistance. Learn more at Panopto Administration Documentation: Requesting A Site.