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How do I post a question in Conversations?

To post a question, click on the Conversations tool in the left-hand menu. Click on the Create new topic button on the right. Give your question a brief subject line in the Summary field and then provide the full question in the Details text box below. You can click the arrow on the upper-left corner of the text box tool bar for more editing options. If you've enabled MathJax in Site Info > Manage Tools you can click on the Sigma to launch LaTeX for complex equation creation.

You can add tags by selecting any previously created tags in the drop-down menu below the text box. If no tags exist, you may select Save as draft to keep your work and then select the Edit tags for this course link to manage tags. Instructors can choose to pin the question to the top of the list of questions on the left. All users can choose to make the question topic anonymous to students, or allow students to post anonymous responses by clicking the appropriate checkboxes below the text box. Then you can either save the question as a draft for further revisions or post the question to Conversations.

How do I publish my post for others to read?

When you are finished authoring or editing a post, select the Publish button below the rich text editor to publish or submit your post to Conversations.